Johannes Persson

Web developer, Jesus lover, strategist and everything else.

Personal contact

Personal contact with the customer is my highest priority.


Deeply involved in an important project.

I am a web developer who currently resides in Redding, California. I develop websites, either from scratch or via Content Management Systems (CMS), and I run a company called Stilius Web & design.

More information

I have, until my current studies in the U.S, with start in September 2013, worked approximately 20 hours a week with web development in the company, and created web pages for many different people and businesses, you can see a selection under "Portfolio".


Stilius Web & Design

I am currently studying theology, leadreship and communication, and I also have an interest in music.


I have a three-year upper secondary school education from Älvkullegymnasiet in Karlstad, Sweden, with a focus on nature sciences/IT, the program is called TIME.

Further education

Besides my work and studies I have also done supplementary education in this field with a comprehensive Adobe-certified course via E-careers. I am now studying theology and leadership at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California.


Below is listed my most notable skills, graded on a scale from one to five.

Web development (CMS)5 av 5
~2 years of experience
Web development (HTML/CSS)5 av 5
~3 years of experience
Database management (PHP/MySQL)4 av 5
~2,5 years of experience
Graphic design3 av 5
~2 years of experience
Work experience, web development
Johannes is a great problem solver, and can quickly take in new knowledge in an undiscovered area.
-Jacob Gunnarsson, Stilius HB
Stilius Webb & Design

On this self-started company have I been doing most of the work in the web development field. The company was registered in August 2012.

Lektornet HB

I have been running this company since July 2012, and have mostly been working on maintenance of the web shop and social media marketing.

Work experience, continued
Apeland AS

On this commucation agency I worked as a communication advisor June and July 2014. My primary tasks were web development in Wordpress/PHP, having client meetings and graphically design websites.

Varmt och Skönt AB

I have been employed in this company from July 2014 until now. My primary tasks are outbound/inbound sales and customer care via telephone. This has given me understanding about the weight of personal contact with the customer.

Previous work
  • A Shipment To Spain
  • A Shipment To Spain
  • A Shipment To Spain
  • HERO
  • HERO
  • HERO
Older works
  • Bringing America Back To God
  • Bringing America Back To God
  • Bringing America Back To God
  • Visuell Reklam
  • Jacob Gunnarsson

These are projects that I've done on a hobby level a long time ago.

Stilius website
  • Stilius
  • Stilius
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